14 Best Shredding Toys For Cockatiels In 2023

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Being naturally curious and inquisitive, cockatiels will venture out looking for new things to investigate or just straight up destroy.

Cockatiels love to destroy freshly bought toys, but only the best toys, the rest will get pooped on or ignored.

You need to find toys that they can shred, destroy and forage through, these are the most fun for them.

cockatiel playing in foraging toy
(My cockatiel foraging through one of his toys)

There is no better way to help them mimic their natural chewing behaviors than to provide your cockatiels with the best toys available that they can just shred to pieces.

In this article, I’ve provided you with a list of the best toys for cockatiels.

All toys on this list are great for chewing, shredding, and destroying, all materials on all listed toys are bird safe and are available for a good price on Amazon.

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Before Buying A Cockatiel Toy

There are a few important things to consider before purchasing a toy for your bird…

The Size

Cockatiels are small, they will naturally prefer smaller toys.

Larger toys that were originally made for larger parrots such as macaws or cockatoos would probably not suit a small cockatiel very well.

They may get scared of a toy that’s more than twice their size.

Don’t get a toy that is more than twice the size of your bird.

The Material

Most cockatiel toys on the market will be made of all bird-safe materials such as wood, paper, popsicle sticks, cotton, leather, and some safe plastics.

Some toys will have unsafe materials such as metal, zinc, and toilet paper rolls (toilet paper rolls are usually DIY toys).

Luckily for you, the toys on this list are completely bird-safe with no harmful materials.

Let’s move on to the list of best cockatiel toys…

14 Best Shredding Toys For Cockatiels

1) Ebaokuup 2 Pack Of Chewing And Shredding Balls – Best Value Toy


  • Great value for money
  • Can be refilled with paper or other shredding material
  • Different colors and textures to keep birds interested


  • Includes metal bell

Facts and Opinions About This Cockatiel Toy

Your cockatiel will be ripping out the paper and chewing the wood material around this toy.

The shredding balls can also fit seeds and other treats inside, making it an excellent foraging toy as well as a shredding toy.

As you can see from the image above, your cockatiel may also see this toy as a comfortable perching spot. 

This is the best value toy on this list as you get 2 shredding balls for the price of 1. It can easily be attached to the cage with the quick link connector at the top of the toy.

I suggest removing the metal bell from these balls as it might have a toxic zinc interior underneath the safe stainless-steel coating.

Don’t worry, cockatiels don’t really like bells from what I’ve seen so they won’t be missing out on anything.

Amazon Reviews

Good entertaining toy, my parrot really likes these” – Hils

“Entertained my bird so I could watch my show” – Kindle Customer

2) Bonka Birds Large Popsicle Sticks Shredding Toy


  • Reputable company of 20 years making bird toys
  • Durable
  • 100% bird-safe material
  • Sticks can rotate


  • Bright colours may scare skittish birds

Facts and Opinions About This Cockatiel Toy

This popsicle stick toy is great for keeping birds entertained for long periods.

There are plenty of sticks, it’s durable, and won’t need to be replaced for a while, I’d give it about 2 or 3 weeks before all popsicles are completely shredded.

This toy comes from Bonka Bird Toys, a well-known bird toy creation company with 20 years of experience making interesting bird-safe toys.

Chewing popsicle sticks and other hard materials keeps your birds beak in shape as it mimics their natural shredding behaviors.

If your bird is known to be skittish around bright colors, you can purchase the non-colored version which is just regular wood color.

They really thought of everything in this toy, didn’t they?

Amazon Reviews

“Our parrotlet loves it!” – Albertson Family

“Great quality toy in sealed package” – Jennifer Taheri

3) Sweet Feet and Beak Super Shredder Ball


  • Quick and easy to install to cage
  • The ball can be refilled with shredding materials and treats
  • 3 different sizes to choose from


  • Often gets shredded in a short time (not durable)
  • Weak attaching connecter

Facts And Opinions About This Cockatiel Toy

The Sweet Feet Super Shredder Ball is a popular and highly-rated bird toy on amazon, many bird owners purchase this more than once.

This toy is available in 3 sizes: 3 inches, 5 inches, and 7 inches. Any size would suit a cockatiel.

The toy can be attached to any cage via a quick link that is easy to install and remove when needed, however, this link is rather weak and will probably break if your cockatiel targets it, making the toy fall to the floor.

The shredder ball comes with paper stuffed inside which your cockatiel would love to pull out and rip apart, it can also be easily refilled with other shredding material and treats for foraging fun.

If they destroy the natural mesh, the toy is pretty much destroyed as you won’t be able to fill it up anymore.

It’s a fun toy, but probably wouldn’t last too long, it still deserves a place among the best toys for cockatiels.

Amazon Reviews

“Well made and stimulating toy for birds” – Brian

“Cockatiel love it… To death” – kbat

4) Bonka Bird Toy Chewing Sola Ball


  • Great for chewing and maintaining beaks
  • Natural plant-based material
  • Light enough for birds to grab with their feet


  • Cannot be attached to a cage

Facts and Opinions About This Cockatiel Toy

Made from the root of the sola plant, the sola ball is an all-natural toy that is great for keeping your birds beak trim and in good shape.

It’s hard enough for them to maintain their beak on but soft enough for them to break pieces off and lift with their feet, it’s the perfect shredder and beak grinder.

The downside with this Sola Ball is that it, unfortunately, does not have a quick link connector to attach it to the cage meaning you’ll have to put the ball on the cage floor or the top of the cage for your bird to play with it.

You can buy these Sola Balls in packs of 3 or 6 but keep in mind that these balls will be chewed up within just a few hours if your cockatiel really enjoys playing with them.

These toys weren’t made for durability, they were made to be destroyed within a few hours.

Amazon Reviews

“Happy parrots. Unhappy wallet” – ikwilson06

“Great for my conure” – lovinlife

5) Wesco Bird Kabobs Shredder


  • Greatly supports chewing behaviour
  • Made from natural pith wood
  • Hanging wire material can be chewed


  • Expensive for just one

Facts And Opinions About This Cockatiel Toy

The Wesco Bird Kabob provides natural pithy wooden blocks attached to a sisal wire, both are great bird-safe shredding materials.

The materials are also biodegradable.

The kabob has 7 blocks of soft pith wood stacked upon each other which provides your cockatiel with plenty of time to shred this thing to pieces. That’s seven blocks of pure shredding fun.

The downside to this toy is the price, it costs around 8 dollars USD (10 AUD) for just one bird kabob. Due to the price, most people couldn’t just keep buying them whenever they get destroyed and will need to opt-in for a different toy.

Most bird toys have a stainless steel connector to attach them to the cage, birds don’t really have fun chewing this chain.

This kabob toy on the other hand has a sisal wire connector, which your cockatiel would enjoy chewing on. The toy will fall to the floor if the sisal wires is broken.

The pith wood blocks can also be used on other DIY toys or can be used as foraging material.

Amazon Reviews

“My birds favorite toy” – Sonya B

“The vultures of destruction love it” – K.M. Kelly-Ottobre

6) Planet Pleasures Spiked Pinata – Highly Rated


  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Made from natural materials
  • Lots of colours and textures to keep birds interested
  • Available in 4 sizes


  • The largest size is expensive but lasts the longest

Facts and Opinions About This Cockatiel Toy

The spiked pinata is a strong toy that can really take lots of damage without becoming wrecked, making it a durable shredder toy that supports your cockatiels natural chewing behavior.

The reason this toy is so durable is that all the materials are woven tightly together.

Made from palm leaves, sisal, and colored shredding paper, this toy is 100% bird safe and biodegradable.

The pinata is a fun and colorful toy that won’t need constant replacing, this is how it stands out among other cockatiel toys.

Amazon Reviews

“Sturdy toy and looks like fun, but someone likes to exaggerate what 10 inches is” – Amazon Customer

“Toy that lasts more than a day!” – Amazon Customer

7) Planet Pleasures Pineapple Foraging Toy


  • Durable
  • All-natural materials
  • Can be used as a perch due to its size
  • Can be filled with treats for foraging


  • Might be scary to skittish birds due to its size and vibrant colors

Facts and Opinions About This Cockatiel Toy

Similar to the spiked pinata toy, the pineapple foraging toy from planet pleasure is a tightly woven toy, making it very durable.

It’s made from all-natural materials such as palm and sisal which birds love to chew on.

There are 4 available sizes for the pineapple toy: Small, medium, large and extra-large.

Even the smallest option is quite big for cockatiels and they might like to use it as a foot perch, even if it is awkward to stand on.

Due to all the holes, shapes, and different folds, this toy can be transformed into the ultimate foraging toy as there are plenty of places to hide treats.

Some of the material on this toy is weak and easily broken off, whatever your bird drops on the floor can be picked up and repurposed into another DIY toy or used as foraging material.

Amazon Reviews

Large, durable, neat design” – A.S.

“Finally found a toy my picky bird LOVES!” – Stella

8) Super Bird Creations Crinkle Crinkle Little Star


  • Lots of different shapes and colors to keep parrots amused.
  • Connector link for easy installation on a cage.
  • Supports natural preening and destructive behavior.


  • Includes bell (remove this)

Facts And Opinions About This Cockatiel Toy

This small, tight, and compact toy is a great addition to the list of best toys for cockatiels due to amount of different activities available in this 1 toy.

The toy includes colored shredded paper inside a natural vine ball with fun colored plastic beads to keep everything connected.

Crinkle crinkle little star is smaller than the average bird toy, however, it is created so tight that it holds together well and can withstand your cockatiels force.

It has a metal bell at the bottom, the exact metal is unknown so it’s safer to just remove it, your cockatiel won’t be missing out on anything.

If your bird is known to be scared around new things, this toy will be their best friend as it’s only half their size which is less intimidating.

Amazon Reviews

Love this, birds live to shred” – Gabby Gril

“My parrot, a green cheek conure, loves this toy” – Carol

9) Planet Pleasures Bird Tire Toy


  • Made from all-natural material
  • Interesting circular shape
  • Can be used to hide treats
  • Strong and durable


  • Expensive when compared to other toys

Facts And Opinions About This Cockatiel Toy

The bird tire toy from Planet Pleasures is among the best toys for parrots in my opinion.

The circular shape of this toy is unlike most other toys and is sure to interest your bird. The many folds and different shapes on this toy will make it easy to hide treats for your bird to forage for.

As well as its foraging capabilities, the palm leaf and abaca materials from which the toy is made are great for shredding and keeping your birds beak in shape.

To give you an idea of how tough this toy is, it is stronger than shredded paper but slightly weaker than balsa wood slabs, it’s an overall good toughness for cockatiel beaks.

Amazon Reviews

“My Senegal Parrot loved it… to death! (the toy, not the parrot)” – cobalt

“Doesn’t fall apart” – Lance

10) 12PK Of Colored Parrot Chewing Sneakers – Most Unique


  • Made from bird safe rubber and cotton
  • Plenty of different uses for this toy
  • Includes 2 pieces of corn husk and rope for shredding
  • Supports foraging and shredding behavior


  • Corn husk string includes a metal bell (remove this)
  • Shoes are not durable

Facts And Opinions About This Cockatiel Toy

These small hi-top shoes are the most unique toy on this list, they are great for encouraging shredding and foraging behaviors in your cockatiel.

Included in the package are 6 pairs of mini shoes (12 individual shoes) of varying colors as well as two bird-safe corn husk strings which are also good for chewing on.

You can really get creative with what you do with these shoes…

You can hang them up on your birds cage by the laces or you could weave the corn husk string through the shoelaces, you could put them on the floor and put some treats inside the shoes for them to forage for.

The possibilities are endless with these shoes.

The shoes are made from bird-safe cotton and rubber materials giving your bird some brand new materials and textures to chew on.

Since an individual shoe is rather small and weak, it will get destroyed within a matter of hours by an active chewer, luckily they include 12 of them in this package.

Amazon Reviews

“Our bird loves these. This is our second order” – Lisa K

“Always great fun for our conure, she loves the shoes and laces, keeps her busy for hours” – Shanny B

11) Bonka Birds Toy Balsa Bite Colourful Chewer


  • Soft balsa wood for easy destruction
  • Quick link connector for easy installation


  • Includes 2 metal bells (remove these)
  • Smaller than it appears on the image

Facts And Opinions About This Cockatiel Toy

Another great cockatiel toy by the Bonka Birds Toys group, the main attraction of this toy is the colored balsa wood slats which will make the perfect targets for your birds destructive beak.

Balsa wood is really soft and will not be hard for most birds to break off chunks of it at a time. They used bird-safe food coloring on the wood so it’s more appealing to birds.

One downside to this toy is the 2 metal bells attached to both ends of the toy, you can easily remove these.

Plastic beads are attached between each slat of wood so they can spin and rotate around the spine of the toy, they also hold everything together.

The toy looks a bit smaller than the product image on amazon, still a great size for a great cockatiel toy.

Amazon Reviews

“Cute, but smaller than expected” – onegemini101

“Awesome toy for green cheek conure?” – Natalia

12) Bonka Birds Toys Coloured Mini Stick Chewer


  • All bird safe materials
  • Includes bird safe leather at the bottom
  • Sticks rotate and spin
  • Value for money


  • None found

Facts And Opinions About This Cockatiel Toy

The mini sticks chewer is very similar to the popsicle stick toy featured earlier on this list, the difference is that it includes a strip of leather at the bottom, which is great for chewing and pulling.

Natural leather is rare in bird toys and it provides new material and texture for your bird to chew on.

The sticks on this toy rotate which I believe makes it more interesting for birds as they can chew on them and spin them around.

This is the only toy where I found no downsides, it’s a wonderful toy with simply nothing wrong with it, everything is bird-safe, fun to play with, and is a good size for cockatiels.

Definitely one of the best available toys for parrots in my opinion.

Amazon Reviews

“Simple, but clever” – Dee Sieffert

13) Bonka Birds Toys Sola Ball With Chewable Cupcake Holders


  • All bird-safe material
  • Available in 3 sizes
  • Cupcake holders are great for hiding treats
  • Includes hard and soft materials


  • Includes metal bell (remove this)
  • Not very durable

Facts And Opinions About This Cockatiel Toy

This toy is a combination of the previously listed sola ball toy and some cupcake holders, it’s a simple yet interesting toy combination.

The cupcake holders can hide treats for your bird to forage for and the sola balls provide a great shredding opportunity.

A few downsides to the cupcake holder toy is that it includes a metal bell which can be easily removed, the other downside is that the toy is not very durable as the cupcake holders are rather weak.

I like how there are 3 sizes available, the smallest will have 2 cupcake holders while the largest has 4.

I would get the small or medium size for cockatiels, although the large one would be fine as well, just a bit big.

Amazon Reviews

My bird hates EVERYTHING! But he loves this!” – cleaningoutmyclosets

“My conure loves it but only lasted two days” – Lost in America

14) Birds Love Chew-Tastic Triple Tower


  • All bird-safe material
  • Strong and durable
  • Can hide treats in the cardboard holes


  • Expensive
  • The largest size is too big for cockatiels

Facts And Opinions About This Cockatiel Toy

The chew-tastic triple tower is a combination of wood and cardboard hanging from a natural sisal rope.

All materials in this toy are 100% cockatiel safe, even the wood uses bird-safe food coloring.

This toy is available in quite a few options, you can get the triple towers or a single tower, for cockatiels I would recommend the small triple chew as the larger ones are designed for much larger birds.

These towers can also work as a foraging toy as you can easily hide treats inside the holes of the cardboard.

They can chew the wood and forage through the cardboard, it’s an overall balanced toy with many playing purposes.

Definitely earns a spot among the best cockatiel toys.

Amazon Reviews

“My B&G macaw loves it, I love it, Worth the money!” – CM

“Awesome Toy” – David Howell

“Perfect for my African grey” – Carolyn?

Out Of Stock Or Unavailable Toys

Sometimes the toys on this list will go out of stock or become unavailable, if this happens with a toy you want you must be patient and perhaps purchase a different toy in the meantime.

All toys on this list will provide fun and entertainment to your birds and most toys will be in stock.

If a toy is out of stock it could take up to a month for it to become available again, depends on the company I guess.

Cockatiels playing with toy
(Image Credit: Pixabay)


There are many great bird toys on the market, but some of the best ones are being sold on amazon by reputable companies such as Bonka Bird Toys and EBaokuup.

So, if you’re looking for the best toys to keep your cockatiel entertained, busy, and happy, look no further than the toys on this list.

At one time, a cockatiel should have around 4 – 6 toys in the cage, the larger the cage, the more toys you can fit, however, you don’t want to overwhelm your bird with lots of toys as they won’t know which one to play with first.

Feel free to bookmark this page and return whenever you need to restock on toys for your cockatiel.


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