Top 10 Best Natural Wood Perches For Parrots In 2023

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Natural wood perches are one of the BEST perches to have inside and around your parrot’s cage.

Organic wood is what parrots primarily perch on in the wild.

And since it’s our job as loving parrot owners to create a stimulating environment that closely resembles their natural habitat, we’ve got to provide wood perches.

Below are my top 10 picks for the best natural wood perches for birds and parrots of varying species. I took special care to ensure all perches on this list are in fact natural wood and are not fake or treated with any chemicals.

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1) A&E Cage Co. Java Wood Multi Branch Perch


  • Branches go in many different directions – This is great for giving your bird more space to move around the perch, it also gives you the option to attach it vertically or horizontally.
  • Branches are of different thicknesses – Giving your bird the chance to perch on thin or thick branches, which is good for their feet.
  • Great size – Although it may fill half of some cages, it’s a great addition and may become your parrot’s main natural wood perch.


  • Each perch is different – Meaning, you could get it slightly bigger or smaller with more or fewer branches than what others have received. This means you might pay the same price for a less interesting perch.
  • Some people received this perch cracked or damaged – Likely a few slip-ups with quality assurance or packaging problems because most people get their perches in good condition.

Basic Info:

Brand: A&E Cage Company

Diameter: Thickest base is around 1.2”

Length: Around 16″

Recommended for: Budgies, cockatiels, conures, caique, finches, lorikeets

2) A&E Cage Co. 644081 Multi Branch Bird, 1.6X22 Medium


  • Large enough for larger parrots – This larger version of the previously reviewed multibranch perch is big enough to hold cockatoos and macaws.
  • Multiple branches – Its main feature, and a great one. However, similar to the previous, each perch will be different and you may get more or fewer branches than what others have received.
  • Great for chewing – If you have a large cockatoo or macaw, they’ll enjoy chewing on this perch.


  • Size varies greatly – There have been reports of people buying this perch twice and receiving two completely different sized perches. One reviewer on amazon says they received the second perch half the size of the first one they bought.
  • Sometimes doesn’t have multiple branches – Some buyers have received a two-branched perch instead of the multiple-branched perch this product promises.
  • Has been delivered cracked – This perch has been sent to a few buyers cracked or damaged.

Basic Info:

Brand: A&E Cage Company

Diameter: Around 1.6″ at its thickest base

Length: Supposed to be 22″ but size varies greatly

Recommended for: Small bird flock, cockatoo, macaw, African grey, amazon parrot, Eclectus parrot

3) Birds LOVE Bottlebrush/PepperWood Parrot Cage Perch


  • Available in 3 sizes – Small, medium, and large. The size variety makes it a good option for birds of all sizes. You could get the small size if you own budgies or the large size for cockatoos.
  • Durable wood – Both the pepperwood and bottlebrush options are highly durable and will survive against even the most active chewers. Personally, I like the bottlebrush due to its appearance, but the pepperwood is claimed to be more durable and better for keeping beaks and nails trimmed.
  • Each perch is different – You may receive either a single branch or multiple branched perch. This is pretty good considering they advertise for only a single branch. It would definitely be a nice surprise to get a multi-branch perch.
  • Makes a great addition to the cage – All sizes and options can easily be attached to the cage with the washers. However, the large size might struggle to fit inside smaller cages.


  • Has been delivered cracked or damaged – This seems to be a pattern with natural wood perches online, but it’s rare with this product. Most people get their perches completely fine, but some get theirs cracked near the screw. I’m guessing the manufacturers accidentally cracked some of the wood while putting in the screw but decided to sell it anyways.
  • Size varies greatly – The sizes on this product are really confusing and they can vary greatly. They say the small bottlebrush perch is between 12 and 18 inches, but then the medium perches are between 10 and 18 inches? I’m pretty confused. However, based on the reviews, I can confidently say that each person was happy with the size that they received from the size option they chose.

Basic Info:

Brand: Birds LOVE

Diameter: Small size = 0.5″ | Medium size = 0.75″ | Large size = 1.5″ – 2″

Length: Small size = 12″ – 18″ | Medium size = 10″ – 18″ | Large size = Around 12″ (Confusing, I know)

Recommended for: Small = Budgies, conures, cockatiels, finches, doves | Medium = African grey, Eclectus parrot, amazon parrot, hahns macaw | Large = Macaws, cockatoos

4) Niteangel Natural Wood Platform Perches For Birds


  • Great for perch variety – Think about it, apart from the top and bottom of the cage, how many flat surfaces does your parrot have to perch on? This wood perch is great for giving your bird a flat area to rest their feet when they don’t want to sit on a regular perch.
  • Can be used upside down – As well as the flat side, you can also have the curved side upward which makes for a nice little resting spot for your parrot.
  • Promotes chewing – Parrots will enjoy shredding the bark from these natural wood perches. They’ll likely shred it while they’re perching on it.
  • Two can be placed side by side – You can place two of the flat perches next to each other to create a larger flat surface. This is great if you have an African grey or an amazon parrot as it gives them more room to perch.


  • Not very durable – Active chewers (especially large parrots) will go through these flat perches within a few days due to how soft the wood is. However, they’ll remain intact for a pretty long time if your bird doesn’t decide to chew them.
  • Reports of faulty screws – some buyers have complained that the screws are not deep enough into the wood, making the perch unstable.

Basic Info:

Brand: Niteangel

Diameter: 3″ Wide

Length: 7″ Long

Recommended for: cockatiels, budgies, lovebirds, finches, conures

5) Prevue Pet Products Y-Shaped Natural Coffee Wood Perch


  • Durable wood – This perch is made from the hardwood of coffee trees, which is a very strong type of wood. It will definitely survive long-term, even against active chewers.
  • Created by a reputable company – Prevue pet products are the creators of this perch. They are well known to create high-quality and durable bird products.


  • No review images – Typically, I don’t trust products unless I can see an image from someone else who has purchased it. However, I very much trust the prevue brand so I would still buy this product without seeing review images.

Basic Info:

Brand: Prevue Pet Products

Diameter: Unspecified

Length: 12″

Recommended for: Budgies, cockatiels, lovebirds, finches, conures, lorikeets

6) Prevue Pet Products Beach Branch Perch


  • Can help maintain beak and nails – As well as natural wood, this perch is also made from a natural ground seashell, which is safe for parrots and can help keep their beaks and nails trimmed.
  • Durable wood – Just like the previous perch, it’s made from coffee trees, which are known to be a very strong type of wood.
  • Uneven surface – This perch has many bumps and shapes along its relatively short surface. Having a variety of shapes on one perch is beneficial to your bird’s feet as they’re walking along lots of surface variety.


  • No review images – Exactly like the previous perch, this one has no images from verified buyers.

Basic Info:

Brand: Prevue Pet Products

Diameter: Unspecified

Length: 9″

Recommended for: Budgies, cockatiels, finches, lorikeets, lovebirds

7) Wooden Rectangular Flat Perch For Birds


  • Large platform perch – This much larger platform perch is big enough to support even macaws and cockatoos. It can definitely support a pair or even a small flock of smaller birds such as budgies or cockatiels.
  • Sturdy – This platform is not only large, but it’s also quite sturdy. The perch is supported by two attachments on both ends of the perch. This allows it to support heavy birds such as cockatoos and macaws.
  • Good for resting – Flat perches are often used by parrots to rest or sleep. Many buyers have stated that their parrots (and other small pets) have slept on this platform.
  • Great price – Considering the quality of the perch, it’s being sold for a pretty good price. I mean, it’s literally just a slab of wood with some screws in it so how expensive can it be? Unfortunately, there are many overpriced perches, but this isn’t one of them.


  • Not very durable – Large parrots will chew through this platform perch within a few days if they really wanted to. Although it’s strong enough to hold their weight, it’s not tough enough to resist their powerful beaks.

Basic Info:

Brand: Litewoo

Dimensions: 12.4″ L x 5.3″ W

Recommended for: Budgies, cockatiels, lovebirds, conures, lorikeets, cockatoos, macaws, African grey parrots, Eclectus parrots, doves

8) Parrot Wizard 12″ NU Wood Perch


  • Simple perch – NU perches by Parrot Wizard are simple yet great natural wood perches to add to your parrot cage. If you’re looking for a simple one-branch perch, this is the ideal option!
  • Consistent product – Other natural wood perches can be inconsistent with their shape, thicknesses, and the number of branches. However, the NU perch will always remain consistent as it’s artificially shaped.
  • Comfortable for parrots – The bumps and grooves of the NU perch make it much easier for parrots to grip it. The texture of this perch is also soft, making it more comfortable than ultra hardwood perches.
  • Durable – These NU perches are very well made by Parrot Wizard. Although it has a soft texture, it’s still pretty durable and can withstand plenty of brutal parrot bites.
  • Available in 3 sizes – Small, medium, and large. Be aware that the sizes are not referencing the length, it’s referencing the diameter of the perch. All 3 sizes are still 12″ in length. Being able to choose diameter size makes this perch compatible with small and large birds.


  • Expensive – Honestly, I couldn’t find anything wrong with this perch. But if I had to be nitpicky, I would say that it’s a bit expensive for just one perch. But then again, this is a really high-quality perch so I personally wouldn’t mind paying the price.
  • Not available in Australia – The NU perches from Parrot Wizard are not available on Australian Amazon. The only way you’ll get it to Australia is if you pay the overpriced shipping cost, which is more than the actual product.

Basic Info:

Brand: Parrot Wizard

Diameters: Small = 0.75″ | Medium = 1″ | Large = 1.25″ (varies a little)

Length: All sizes are 12″ in length

Recommended for: Small = Budgies, cockatiels, conures, finches | Medium = Eclectus parrot, African grey, amazon parrot | Large = Macaw, cockatoo

9) Deluxe Large Tabletop NU T-Stand Perch From Parrot Wizard


  • A great training perch – This perch can be easily set up for a training session with your parrot. You only need to attach the T-stand to the box and you’re good to go. I personally think this is the best training perch for parrots because it’s a good size with great material, and can be used in any room of the house as long as there is a tabletop. It’s not just limited to training as your bird can hang out on the super comfortable perch whenever they want.
  • Easy-to-grip wood – It’s the exact same type of perch as the previously reviewed NU perch, meaning it has the same soft and comfortable materials that parrots can easily grip. The bumps and different shapes make it easier to grip and will give your parrot’s feet plenty of surface variety.
  • Collects poop and mess – You have probably noticed the box below the perch. That box is great for collecting poop and mess during a training session or when your bird is relaxing. Since the perch is removable, the box can be easily cleaned and prepared for the next training session. The perch is also elevated away from the box to prevent long tail feathers from dragging in the poop.
  • Good size for all birds – Although this perch is big enough for large birds such as macaws and cockatoos, it’s also a great option for smaller birds. Even with the large diameter, the bumps in the perch allow small birds to comfortably grip their feet.


  • Expensive – Compared to most other perches, this one is quite expensive. Not only are you paying for the large size and ability to hold large parrots, but you’re also paying for high-quality materials, durability, sturdiness, and practicality. It probably could have been a bit cheaper but I’d be happy paying this price.
  • Not available in Australia – Just like all Parrot Wizard perches, it’s unavailable in Australia unless you’re willing to pay the overpriced shipping cost to get it delivered from the USA.

Basic Info:

Brand: Parrot Wizard

Diameter: 1″ – 1.5″ (Varies slightly)

Length: Perch = 14″ Long, 11″ High from the base (varies slightly) | Box = 16″ L x 16″ W

Recommended for: Birds of all sizes

10) Parrot Wizards Parrot Training Wood Perches


  • Available in different sizes and styles – The sizes available for these perches are small, medium, large, extra large, and extra extra large. As with the previous parrot wizard perches, the sizes are referring to the diameter, not the length. There are also two available styles, standard and T-perch. The standard style is 12″ in length and looks like an inverted L shape, while the T-perch style is 18″ in length and is shaped as a T. You can also get the hardwood style T-perch for active chewers who will go through the softer wood. It’s great that all these styles are available as it allows you to customise them for your specific bird and their needs.
  • Bonus content with purchase – As well as two perches of your chosen size and style, you’ll also receive the stands to put them on, an instructional parrot training DVD from Parrot Wizard, a clicker, and a target stick.
  • Adjustable stands – The perch stands have an adjustable height. They can be adjusted from 34″ – 62″ from the ground. This is good if you want to teach descend or ascend flight training from different heights.


  • The largest size can be a little unstable – Big birds flying to or from the largest perch size at the adjustable stand’s highest point may cause the stand to move or shake. It won’t tip over, but it may move when the bird lands. To combat this problem, one buyer added some weights to the bottom of the stand which has made it much more stable.
  • Expensive – Similar to most other Parrot Wizard perches, these training perches are quite expensive. If you’re willing to pay the hefty price, you’ll be receiving high-quality perches that will last you for years.

Basic Info:

Brand: Parrot Wizard

Diameter: Small = 0.5″ | Medium = 0.75″ | Large = 1.25″ | Extra large = 2″ | Extra extra large = 2.25″

Length: Standard style = 12″ | T-perch style = 18″

Recommended for: Small = Budgies, cockatiels, quaker, conure | Medium = Eclectus parrots, Goffin cockatoo, galah, cape parrot | Large = African grey parrots, cockatoos, amazon parrots, hahns macaws | Extra large = Blue and gold macaw, military macaw | Extra extra large = Hyacinth macaw, palm cockatoos, Moluccan cockatoos

How To Make Natural Wood Parrot Perches (DIY)

Couldn’t make a choice?

Or perhaps you would rather make your own high-quality, organic wood perch instead of paying a hefty price for one online.

That’s completely understandable.

In this section, you’ll get a super quick step-by-step guide to making natural wood perches for your bird…

Here’s the full in-depth guide to making homemade bird perches from tree branches

(Image Credit: Pixabay)

Step 1: Choosing Bird Safe Wood

Some woods from certain trees are toxic to parrots, so you must take caution when selecting your branches from outside.

You definitely need to understand what tree you’re getting your wood from.

Here are some parrot-safe woods you could use:

  • Fir
  • Eucalyptus (Gum trees)
  • Manzanita
  • Bottlebrush
  • Hickory

It’s best to remove any bark from wood you plan to use in your bird’s cage because bark is the perfect hiding spot for bugs.

Step 2: Cleaning The Wood

Before adding to the bird cage, you must make sure the wood is clean.

This is a bit of a process.

Here’s the process I use to wash my cockatiels natural wood perches:

  1. Ensure all bark is removed
  2. Prepare a bathtub of vinegar solution (Equal ratio of water and apple cider vinegar)
  3. Soak branch in the tub for 2 hours
  4. Empty bath and refill with just water
  5. Soak the branch in water for an additional 30 minutes
  6. Cook the branch in the oven for about an hour at 90 degrees C (194 F)
  7. When it’s cool enough to grab, leave it out in the sun for a few days

If you’re washing perches you already use, you only need to sunbake them for a few hours.

Perches that have been recently ripped from nature should be in the sun for a few days to 100% eliminate any moulds or fungi.

Related: How To Effectively Clean Rope & Wooden Bird Perches (Full Guide)

Step 3: Adding The Screws

Once you have a completely cleaned perch, you need to add a screw to the base of the wood.

Drill a fitting hole through the wood, and then add a screw that fits the hole.

Thicker and heavier branches will require larger screws to be inserted deeper to keep the perch stable and secure.

Use fender washers and a wingnut to secure the perch to the cage.

Hopefully, your feathered friend will enjoy their freshly made organic wood perch!



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