10 Top-Rated Budgie Perches For Healthy Feet

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Welcome to our ultimate guide on the best perches for budgies.

Our aim is to help you create an awesome home for your budgie by reviewing the top-rated perches on the market. All 10 of our top picks are helpful in specific situations and they’re all great for keeping your bird’s feet healthy.

So, no matter which you choose, your budgie will be happy!

We understand the importance of keeping budgies fit and active…

This is why we’ve chosen the highest quality and most comfortable perches available.

Let’s dive in so you can begin creating a lovely home your budgie will thrive in!

(haha that rhymed 😂)

Top 3 Best Perches For Budgies – Quick Overview

Before jumping into all 10 options, I thought I’d create a brief overview of the top 3 best perches in case you wanted to make a quick decision. Below is a brief review of the best overall, best flat perch, and best training perch options.

1. 🥇 Best Overall – BirdTricks All Natural Manzanita Perches

budgie perches best options
Image source: BirdTricks


  • Made from manzanita
  • Different size options
  • Perfect surface variety
  • Great price
  • Loved by customers


  • Non found

Size = Varies depending on your choice

Materials = Manzanita & stainless steel

Average customer rating = 5 out of 5 stars!

2. Best Flat Perch – Niteangel Wooden Platform For Parrot Cages

flat perches for budgies


  • Ideal resting platform
  • Double-sided perch
  • Works as a chew toy  
  • Highly rated on Amazon


  • Can be quickly destroyed by determined budgies

Size = 6.8″ long

Materials = Fir wood

Average customer rating = 4.6 out of 5 stars

3. Best Training Perch – Kaytee EZ Care T-Stand

best training perch for budgies


  • Poop collection dish  
  • 2 Feeding bowl stations  
  • Wheelable 
  • Useful for training


  • Expensive

Size = 54″ tall & the perch is 19.5″ long

Materials = Wood, stainless steel, & coated metal

Average customer rating = 4.7 stars out of 5 (Chewy) – 4.4 stars out of 5 (Amazon)

10 Best Perches For Budgies Reviewed – Pros & Cons

Couldn’t decide on a perch from the list above?

That’s all good, we’ll now get into the full reviews of the top 10 must-have budgie perches so you can start building your feathered friend’s dream cage.

1. 🥇 Best Overall – BirdTricks All Natural Manzanita Perches

Best perches for budgies
Image source: BirdTricksStore

Perch Specifications

Size: Tiny/small size = 8″ long | Medium/large size = 12″ long

Materials used: Manzanita & stainless steel

Average customer rating: 5/5 stars on BirdTricks store

Brand: BirdTricks


  • Made from Manzanita wood – Manzanita wood is tough, sturdy, and difficult to chew through, making it the perfect material for natural budgie perches. The wood has also been sandblasted to create a more comfortable surface for your bird.
  • Different size options – You can get these perches in a wide variety of lengths and diameters. You can even choose to have a double or single-branched perch. While all sizes are good for budgies, the best sizes are the smaller options as your budgie can wrap their feet around them.
  • Perfect surface variety – Just like a natural tree branch, the BirdTricks perches have bumpy and varied surfaces, which is great for the health of your budgie’s feet.
  • Great price – For such good quality perches, you would expect to pay a much higher price. The price makes these perches available to those on a tight budget, which is great.
  • Loved by customers – On the BirdTricks store page, you can see that a majority of customers loved their perches. The BirdTricks perches get an average review of 5 out of 5 stars, which shows that everyone was happy with their products!


  • No cons found – Honestly, I couldn’t find anything wrong with the BirdTricks perches that would affect the way your budgie uses them. They’re all-natural, offer good surface variety, easy to clean, and are sold for a good price. I guess this is why they’re placed as the number 1 best budgie perch on this list!

2. Birds LOVE Bottlebrush Wood Perch

Perch Specifications

Size: 10″ -18″ long (varies) | 0.75″ – 1.5″ diameter (varies)

Materials used: Bottlebrush wood

Average customer rating: 4.5/5 stars on Amazon

Brand: Birds LOVE


  • Natural hardwood – The perch is made from bottlebrush wood, which is naturally tough and originates from the bottlebrush tree found in the budgie’s natural habitat of Australia. This perch will last a long time thanks to the toughness of the bottlebrush wood.
  • Different size options – Since it’s available in large and medium size options, you can choose the ideal size that will suit your budgie’s cage design. If you want a thick perch that fills much of the cage, choose the large size. But if you want a perch more suited to your budgie’s size, choose the medium.
  • The outer layer is chewable – While the inner wood is hard to chew through, your budgies will have a blast chipping away at the outer layer of the perch. Don’t worry, this is completely safe and it won’t wreck the perch too much.


  • Inconsistent perch – Since it’s a natural branch, the shape, size, and thickness of the perch may not look like the product images. Many people were not happy with how they received their perch as they were expecting something different.
  • Difficult to clean – Since the perch has a rough, rugged, and natural wood surface, it’s difficult to clean debris from the dents and notches on the perch. Smoother perches, like the ones from BirdTricks, are much easier to clean.

3. A&E Cage Co. Java Wood Multi-Branch Bird Perch

Perch Specifications

Size: Difficult to measure as each perch varies in size, thickness, and the number of branches (Tip: check Amazon reviews to see what others have received)

Materials used: Java wood

Average customer rating: 3.9/5 stars on Amazon

Brand: A&E Cage Company


  • Multi-branch perch – You’re guaranteed to get at least a double-branch perch from this product. However, many have received 3, 4, and even 5 branches, which made for an absolutely awesome budgie perch!
  • Strong java wood – Made from the java wood of coffee trees that no longer produce beans, this perch is built to last and won’t be easily destroyed by your budgie.


  • Often not delivered as advertised – Many customers were disappointed with the perch they received as it wasn’t at all like the product image above. They received a double-branch perch instead of what is shown in the image. If you buy this perch, be aware that you may only receive a double-branch perch instead of a multi-branch perch.
  • Instances of split wood – Sadly, many customers complained that the perch they received was cracked or split, posing a danger to their birds.

4. Best Flat Perch – Niteangel Wooden Platform For Parrot Cages

flat platform for budgies

Perch Specifications

Size: 6.8″ long

Materials used: Fir wood

Average customer rating: 4.6/5 stars on Amazon

Brand: Niteangel


  • Perfect resting platform – Platform or flat perches are ideal resting spots for budgies, and this is one of the best flat perches on the market. It’s been proven that birds perching on a flat surface use less energy compared to perching on a regular tree branch, so getting this platform will make for an ideal roosting spot. My cockatiel actually uses it for sleeping!
  • Double-sided perch – A cool trick with this platform is that it has 2 suitable perching sides. 1 side is flat while the other is curved, so you can switch it up sometimes to keep things interesting and new for your parakeet.
  • Works as a chew toy – The wood of this flat perch is soft enough for budgies to chew through, so it works well as a chew toy. My cockatiel has destroyed the edges of his platforms, so I’ll definitely be buying another pair.
  • Highly rated on Amazon – Out of 3,900 ratings and reviews, the average rating was 4.6 stars out of 5, which is spectacular. Almost everyone who bought them was happy, myself included!


  • Can be quickly destroyed – As mentioned, the soft wooden platforms work as chew toys, so they can be destroyed. However, they’re not super weak and it’ll take your budgies at least a few weeks to completely destroy one if they’re determined enough.

5. JW Pet Comfy Rope Bird Perch

Rope perches for budgies

Perch Specifications

Size: Different length options are available, but the diameter (1.25″) is the same across all sizes

Materials used: Cotton & Plastic

Average customer rating: 4.7/5 stars on Amazon & Chewy

Brand: JW Pet


  • Fully bendable perch – What separates these rope perches from any other perch is their flexibility. You can easily bend the rope perch into all sorts of shapes, loops, or spirals, allowing for almost endless customisation options. The longer sizes are easier to bend to your desired shape as there is more rope to manipulate.
  • Made from natural cotton – You don’t need to worry about toxic materials with this perch because the rope is made from natural cotton, which is 100% safe for budgies.
  • Different size options – The JW Pet rope perch is available in the following lengths: 14″, 21″, 28″ 32″, and 36″. Ideally, you should get the longest option available as it’s easier to bend it to your desired shape. The thickness of the perch remains the same for all size options


  • Can fray over time – The worst aspect of any rope perch, including this one by JW Pet, is that they can fray and pose a hazard over time. If your budgies decide to rip apart the rope, it can create loose rope fibres, which are hazardous to birds if consumed. Be sure to check on the perch regularly to ensure it’s not frayed and remove it when it does.

6. Shower Perch Stand For Budgies – Hypeety

shower perch for budgies PVC
I ordered the 3 suction cups option

Perch Specifications

Size: 9.8″ Long (from the base to the end of the perch) | 8.6″ Tall (from top to bottom)

Materials used: PVC & suction cups

Average customer rating: 3.6/5 stars on Amazon & Chewy

Brand: Hypeety


  • Sticks to glass & tiles – The reason this PVC perch is labelled a “shower perch” is that the suction cups only stick to glass and tile walls, which are typically found in the bathroom. This makes for the perfect perch to take to the bathroom when it’s time to bathe your bird as it’ll stick on the wall right near the shower!
  • Stable for budgies – While the shower perch wouldn’t be stable for big birds, it’s completely stable for budgies. I know this because my cockatiel uses it with no issues. He doesn’t cause the perch to fall off the wall, so it will certainly support your budgie’s weight.
  • Easy to clean – Being made from PVC makes this perch super easy to clean as it’s a nice, smooth surface.


  • Confusing to assemble – At first, you’ll open the package to find a heap of different pieces that look confusing to assemble. But after some trial and error, (and looking at the product image), you’ll figure it out. If I can do it, so can you!
  • Slippery for birds – PVC pipe is a smooth surface for budgies. When wet, it becomes quite slippery, but you can solve this by wrapping it in vet tape, which adds grip for your bird’s feet.

7. Sweet Feet & Beak Safety Pumice Perch For Budgies

sandpaper perch for budgies

Perch Specifications

Size: X-small = 6″ long | Small = 8″ | Medium = 12″ | X-large = 14″ | Specific diameter is unspecified, but it increases with each size.

Materials used: Pumice (a rock texture) and Plastic

Average customer rating: 4.5/5 stars on Amazon & Chewy

Brand: Sweet Feet & Beak


  • Trims nails & beak – The main purpose of a pumice perch, besides offering a new surface to perch on, is to help keep your budgie’s beak and nails filed down. When your bird is walking along the perch, they’re filing down their nails on the rough pumice surface. Although this won’t replace the regular nail trimming chore, it’ll certainly keep those nails shorter for much longer!
  • Small size is perfect This pumice perch ranges from an extra small size all the way to an extra large. The X-large is best for macaws, the X-small is good for parrotlets, but the small size is perfect for parakeets.
  • Surface Variety – The rocky pumice texture of this perch is likely very unique compared to anything else you have in your budgie’s cage. Budgies perch on a huge variety of textures in the wild, so having unique surfaces in the cage, like the pumice perch, is perfect for keeping their feet healthy.


  • No more than 1 in the cage – Since it does have a rough and somewhat uncomfortable surface, you should not have any more than 1 pumice perch inside your budgie’s cage. Without other perches, like natural wood and rope, your budgie’s feet can get sore from perching on the rocky surface. 1 pumice perch is all they need.

8. ParrotWizard 18″ Extended NU Perch – Small Size For Budgies

natural wood parakeet perch
Image source: ParrotWizard

Perch Specifications

Size: 18″ Long | 0.75″ diameter (small size)

Materials used: Douglas fir wood & stainless steel hardware

Average customer rating: 3.9/5 stars on Amazon

Brand: Parrot Wizard


  • Bumpy surface – While it may look like a regular dowel perch at first glance, you can see lots of bumps and surface variety upon closer look. This bumpy surface is good for your budgie as their feet will be in different positions depending on where on the perch they are standing. Just like a natural tree branch!
  • Easy to clean – The relatively smooth surface makes this NU perch easy to clean. The hardware is also made from stainless steel, so it won’t rust and is easy to disinfect. Overall, you won’t have any issues keeping this perch hygienic for your budgie.
  • Good size – 18″ is quite long for a perch meant for budgies and it can easily hold up to 4 – 5 budgies at a time. The diameter for the small size NU perch (0.75″) is also an ideal perch thickness for budgies.
  • Natural wood perch – All ParrotWizard NU perches are made from natural and bird-safe Douglas fir. It’s strong and durable, but soft enough to provide a comfortable grip for your budgies.


  • Pricey – While the price does vary depending on which size option, it’s normally quite expensive, especially for just a single perch. Click the Amazon button below to check how much it’ll cost you at the moment.

9. Deluxe Large Tabletop NU T-Stand Perch

training stand for budgies and parakeets
Image source: ParrotWizard

Perch Specifications

Size: Perch measurements = 14″ long x 11″ tall from the base | Box measurements = 16″ x 16″

Materials used: Douglas fir wood

Average customer rating: 3.8/5 stars on Amazon

Brand: Parrot Wizard


  • Ideal for training – It’s always best to train your budgie away from the cage for fewer distractions. With this tabletop t-stand perch, you can easily place it on a flat surface anywhere in the house for convenient and distraction-free training. It also helps your training results if your budgie associates a specific area with training. The area for your budgie could be this beautiful t-stand perch.
  • Comfortable perch – Not only is it perfect for training, but this perch is also comfortable for your budgie’s feet, making for an excellent hang-out spot. You can place it on top of the cage so your budgies have an elevated perch where they can proudly watch over their kingdom (your house).
  • Collects mess and droppings – Since there is a wooden frame around the t-stand perch, you won’t need to worry about poop or seed husks making a mess on your floor. The box will collect any mess your parakeets will make, which you can easily discard at the end of the day.


  • Expensive – Just like the previous NU perch from ParrotWizard, this one is quite expensive. Most times I’ve checked, it was priced at over 100$. But the price seems to change, so check it out with the Amazon button below.

10. Best Training Stand – Kaytee EZ Care T-Stand – Large Size

Perch Specifications

Size: 54″ tall | The perch is 19.5″ long

Materials used: Wood, coated metal, & stainless steel

Average customer rating: 4.7/5 stars (Chewy) – 4.4/5 stars (Amazon)

Brand: Kaytee


  • Great training stand – The reason I’ve labelled this stand as the “best training perch” instead of the previous one by ParrotWizard is that this one is elevated. Having the perch high off the ground makes it better for you to train your budgie as you can move around the stand with ease. Being elevated, your budgie will also feel more secure on it, which of course helps with training.
  • Poop collection dish – Below the perch is a circular dish that works well for collecting seed husks, poop, and feathers. With this stand, you can say goodbye to cleaning the floor after training your budgie as it’ll all have been collected in the dish.
  • 2 feeding bowl stations – On both sides of the perch are feeding bowl stations, one on each side. Not only is this stand great for training, but it makes for an awesome spot for your budgies to hang out and eat breakfast!
  • Wheelable – You’ll easily be able to move this training stand from one room to the other thanks to the wheels. This is much better than the heavy stands with no wheels that need to be picked up.


  • Expensive – Due to the large size and good quality of materials, this training stand is often sold for around 140$ on most sites. Luckily, there are discounts often, so check the Amazon and Chewy links below to see if you can get yours cheaper.

What Kind Of Perches Do Budgies Need?

If there was 1 word I would use to describe what types of perches budgies need, it would be this:


Budgies require a variety of perches, each with different textures, thicknesses, sizes, shapes, and lengths to thrive. After all, this is what wild budgies would perch on, not just a couple of the same perches.

That’s why the perches listed above are so different from each other.

Because having all that perch variety would make your budgie’s cage a paradise.

It’s simply good for your budgie’s feet to be perching on a wide variety of surfaces.

Here’s a short list of the different types of perches you can have for your budgies:

  • Natural wood (best perches for budgies)
  • 100% natural rope (cotton, sisal, etc.)
  • Pumice perches
  • Thick branches
  • Thin perches
  • Flat surfaces & platforms
  • Even a stainless steel perch is good for an additional surface variety
Best perches for budgies
Image source: Pixabay

How Thick Should a Perch Be For Budgies?

Most sources agree that 0.75″ in diameter is the best perch thickness for budgies.

A perch with this thickness allows budgies to wrap their tiny feet all around the perch for maximum comfort.

But as mentioned plenty of times throughout this article, budgies need variety for healthy feet.

In other words, the thickness of the perches you have in your budge’s cage should vary.

While thin perches are ideal for budgies, they would also benefit from having some much thicker perches in the cage.

What Perches Are Bad For Budgies?

The worst budgie perches are ones with little to no surface variety.

Dowel perches, like the image below, have absolutely no surface variety, meaning they aren’t great for budgies.


You will typically get a few of these perches when buying a cage.

While it’s ok to have only 1 dowel perch, you should have many more perches with curvature and surface variety.

Another bad perch for budgies is sandpaper and concrete perches.

“Buy didn’t you just recommend a pumice perch??”

Yes, it’s good to have 1 pumice perch in the cage.

But just like dowel perches, you should use pumice perches alongside natural wood ones.

Without anything better to perch on, budgies will use the pumice perch in excess, which can eventually cause damage to the feet due to the rough surface.

I hope I’ve answered your questions.

Thanks for reading & share this with someone looking to improve their budgie’s cage.

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