7 Amazing Cage Accessories For Cockatiels (2023)

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Want to know how to enrich your cockatiel’s cage?

If you’ve read our original guide to setting up a cockatiel’s cage, you would already know. However, if you want to know what extra items will make the cage even more interesting, then stick around!

Today, we’ll be covering 7 cockatiel cage accessories that your feathered friend will love.

We’ll explore:

  • What the cage accessories are.
  • Why they’re good to have in the cage.
  • And most importantly, how your cockatiel will use their new cage accessory.

Let’s get started!

7 Awesome Cockatiel Cage Accessories In 2023

Here’s a quick list of all the cage accessories we’ll be covering in this article, in case you want to skip to a particular one:

1. Transparent Walk-In Box – Cage Attachment

The first accessory that will go great in your cockatiel’s cage is a see-through box that they can walk inside. The reason this is an awesome extra item to have in the cage is that it gives your bird a new and interesting place to explore.

There are 2 main ways your cockatiel will use this item:

  1. For bathing
  1. For eating 

The box works well for both of these purposes as it contains the mess.

It’ll help keep food inside the box as well as keep water off the floor while your bird is splashing around and bathing.

The see-through box attaches well to the mini doors featured on most bird cages.


A purpose for those mini doors!

Simply attach it to a mini door and your cockatiel can go in and out as they please.

accessory 1

2. Tabletop T-Stand Perch On The Cage

While tabletop t-stand perches don’t attach to the cage, it can easily be placed on top.

The reason you should have a t-stand perch on top of your cockatiel’s cage is that it gives them an elevated place to hang out. Elevated spots are more comfortable for birds compared to low-ground hangout spots as they feel more secure.

Once your cockatiel is done with their inside-the-cage activities, they can roost on the t-stand perch placed on top of the cage. 

And the best part?

The table top perch I’ve recommended below has a firm border surrounding the perch.

This means it’ll catch all of your bird’s poop, preventing them from landing in the cage.

Not only do t-stand perches make for an awesome cage accessory, it can also be placed almost anywhere around house.

Cockatiel cage accessory 2

3. Cockatiel Playground Gyms

Just like t-stand perches, playground gyms offer an elevated hangout spot for your cockatiels.

However, I personally believe playgrounds are better to have on top of the cage as they offer MUCH more than just a simple hangout spot. A majority of parrot playground gyms, like the one linked below, provide eating stations, ladders, toy stations, and multiple perches!

Having all these items around the playground makes the overall cage setup much more enriching.

When you get one, your cockatiel can use it in the following ways:

  • Roosting spot
  • Foraging area (beneath the playground is a flat surface that you can fill with treats!)
  • An easy-to-clean place to bathe
  • Eat breakfast in the mornings
  • Play with newly installed toys

This is definitely one of the most enriching accessories you can have on your cockatiel’s cage.

Their environment simply becomes much more interesting and varied.

The playground gym linked below is one of the highest rated on Amazon.

Cage accessory 3

4. Mirror

Ok, you really need to know your cockatiel before giving them a mirror.

I know that some cockatiels go completely bonkers when confronted with their own reflection. By “bonkers”, I mean they’ll either become extremely aggressive with their reflection or they’ll attempt to mate with it.

You don’t want any of this with your bird.

However, some cockatiels are fine with mirrors and treat them like toys.

If this sounds like your cockatiel, then a mirror would make a good cage accessory.

The purpose of a mirror is simple:

It adds an interesting item to the cage that your cockatiel can explore and interact with.

If your cockatiel begins acting strange after being given a mirror, it’s best to remove it.

Cage accessory 4

5. Ladders

Fun for birds to climb and easy to install.

Ladders make awesome cockatiel cage accessories because they work as a bridge between the different levels of the cage. If your cage has a top and bottom floor, a long ladder will help your cockatiel navigate between the two stories.

In the wild, cockatiels use tree branches as ladders to reach new heights.

As pets, they use ladders in a similar way.

Here are some other ways you can use ladders in your cockatiel’s cage:

  • If you have multiple cages, a ladder works as a great bridge.
  • As mentioned, a link between the different levels of the cage.
  • To help your cockatiel get in or out of the cage
  • You can even train them to step up onto the ladder if they don’t like your hands

Adding a few ladders will make your cockatiel’s cage more enriching, fun, and easier to navigate!

It’s much better climbing a ladder compared to climbing the cage bars.

Cockatiel cage accessory 5

6. Puzzle Toys

How many puzzles do you have in your cockatiel’s cage for them to solve?

If you’re anything like most bird owners, probably none, right?

You might also believe that they only need foraging and chew toys, but not puzzle toys.

While foraging and shredding toys are great, puzzle toys will really switch your cockatiel’s brain on, which is good for them. Having to figure out a tricky puzzle or situation in order to get a reward is mentally stimulating, which is what cockatiels thrive on.

Some good examples of puzzle toys include:

  • Needing to turn a lever to get treats
  • Having to open a lid
  • Destroying the packaging of something to get the inner contents (peanut, for example)
  • Spinning a wheel to find food

The one I’ve linked below is a great all-rounder puzzle toy for small parrots.

But there are plenty of other ones on the market that your bird will enjoy solving just as much!

Accessory 6

7. Full Length Cockatiel Cage Cover

Like me, you probably use a regular blanket to cover your cockatiel’s cage, right?

Instead of having a loose-fitting blanket that you need to constantly adjust, it’s better to have a cover that comfortably fits the entire cage. With a high-quality cage cover, you can cover the cage fully, halfway, or just leave the front open with no hassles.

While this isn’t something your cockatiel would love, it’s still a great cage accessory.

The main purpose is to make things easier for you when it’s time to cover the cage.

Not to mention that you’d know for certain that the blanket/cover material is 100% bird safe.

The cover I’ve linked below is perfect for standard-sized cockatiel cages.

cage accessory 7

Should You Cover Your Cockatiel’s Cage At Night?

Since I’ve recommended a cage cover, I want to briefly answer this common question:

“Do you need to cover your bird’s cage at night?”

Short answer:


However, you should only cover it halfway or less, not all the way.

Look at how I cover my cockatiel’s cage before he goes to sleep:

I leave one side of the cage completely open while covering most of the front.

Covering the cage this way prevents light from going in while still allowing for adequate airflow. Since cockatiels are dusty birds, you shouldn’t cover the cage all the way because you’ll be trapping them inside with all their fluff and dander.

Image being in an airtight room with a machine that constantly spits out dust into the room.

It would not be great for breathing.

So, when covering the cage, make sure plenty of fresh air can flow in and out.

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What To Have In Your Cockatiel’s Cage (Essential Accessories)

While the above items are extra things you can add to further enrich the cage, all cockatiel cages should have the following items:

  • Wide range of quality perches (natural wood, rope, etc.)
  • Food and water dishes
  • Fun and interesting toys
  • Liner (simply paper on the cage floor)
  • Cuttlebone

Without these items, your bird’s cage is simply a metal box.

With these items, the metal box transforms into a lovely and enriching home for your cockatiel.

These are all essential items, while the listed items above are simply extras.

Hope you got some value from this article.

Thanks for reading!

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