Last updated: 16/03/2023

I’m Not An Avian Vet or Medical Professional

I’m not an avian vet in any way shape or form, although the content, info, and advice on my page is thoroughly researched and referenced by reliable sources, the author himself is not an avian vet.

Any info on this website should not be taken as professional or medical advice and should definitely not surpass any professional advice, such as that from an avian vet.

Your avian vet has seen your individual bird, but I haven’t, any serious concerns about your bird should go to them as they know what is best for your bird.

All info on this site is based on the author’s personal opinion and experience, as well as credible sources that are linked below each post.

Affiliate Disclosure

I am partnered with affiliate programs such as Amazon, Etsy, and other affiliate sites.

What this means is that some of the links you find on my content will be affiliate links that link out to products you can purchase.

You will be told somewhere on the page when an affiliate link appears because transparency is a huge priority on my website.

What is an affiliate link?

An affiliate link is a link that will lead to a product, service, or promotion.

I (the website operator) will earn a small commission if you happen to purchase anything using the links on this website. It helps keep the lights on and pays for Arthurs’s toys.

So basically, when you click on a link, it will take you to the sales page where you can buy the product.

You could be linked to amazon, Etsy, chewy, and other trusted product distributors.

Please assume that any links leading to a product or purchasable service are affiliate links.

Affiliate links plant cookies on your device that are used to track activity and inform other sites that you get linked to of who exactly linked you to their site.

Amazon as an example will read the cookies on your device to determine how you were linked to a specific product page.

That’s how i earn the commission from affiliate partners.

My Promise to You

I will not promote anything to you that has the potential to be dangerous to your bird, making money is not my goal, helping you to become a better bird owner is my goal.

There is no way in hell I would promote a crappy or overly priced product.

Most of the things I promote, I have bought myself, if not, they have proven to be a quality product that I would buy.

In short…

I would not promote anything to you that I wouldn’t buy myself.

Images Disclosure

All images on this website are either my own, royalty-free images or are images with links to their original sources.

My royalty-free image sources include:

  • Pixabay
  • Pexels
  • Unsplash

I also find images on google that have no copyright or licensing rights.

As well as google, I’ll also use images and clips from videos that have been posted publicly on youtube, to which I’ll give credit and link the image to the original source.

I’ll occasionally use images from the following sources:

  • Reddit
  • Pinterest
  • Other websites
  • Amazon review images

Whenever I use images from those sites, I’ll always link back to their original source.

Images used without permission are always used for demonstration purposes only, such as showing various cockatiel colour mutations or product review images to show what the product really looks like.

How To Get An Image Removed

If I’ve used an image that belongs to you or an organisation you represent, please go through to following steps to have the particular image(s) removed:

  1. Contact me about the specific issue
  1. Tell me exactly where your image is (send me a link to the page I used the image on), as well as proof that the image does belong to you (send me your website or the image’s original source)
  1. Give me a reasonable time frame to have the image removed from my website
  1. Be polite about the whole process, please 🙂

I would never use an image to offend or defame the original source. If I ever had to resort to using an image without your permission, please know that I did so only because I could not find a fitting image to make the specific demonstration with.

Google Analytics Tracking Disclosure

On this website, I use google analytics to track a bunch of data.

Some of that data includes:

  • Approximate location (IP address) of those who visit this site
  • When they visit this site
  • How long they visited this site
  • Activities they did on this site

I primarily use this data to inform myself how many visitors come to my site and what they do on this site.

By using this website, you’re agreeing to have this data collected.

This data is collected through cookies, which is a piece of software planted on your device in order to understand your activity on this site.

It’s pretty standard stuff that almost all websites on the internet use, so don’t be alarmed, you won’t be hacked or tracked down, and your data will definitely not be used in malice.

Consultation Service Disclosures

When booking a consultation via the service page, you need to add PayPal info. Everything that you enter in the form on the consultation page will be sent to me via email.

Info such as:

  • Your name
  • Email address
  • Currency used
  • How much you spent

I’m also notified of the Paypal transaction via an email from PayPal. In the email, I can see your full name and email address used on Paypal. I can see when the payment was made as well as the transaction ID.

I’m also running an automatic email that, as soon as the payment has been made for the service, will email the address that was provided in the form on the service page.

Refund policy for this service: Refunds can be provided if the payment was made accidentally or I couldn’t solve the problem. However, refunds are not available if the entire 1 Hr consultation time was used. Refunds are not available if the whole 1 hr isn’t used as the remaining time can be used on other dates of the client’s choice.

Commenting Disclosures

I’ve recently found a way to allow comments on my site, so it is my obligation to disclose the following to anyone looking to make a comment under my posts:

  • Before commenting, you’re asked to disclose your name, email address, website, and your comment, and you’re also asked to complete a reCAPTURE “I am not a robot” test. The only info required is name, email, and reCAPTURE test.
  • If you proceed with the comment, I will be sent an email to my personal Gmail address with all the info you entered (name, email, comment), plus your IP address. Personally, I don’t know why I can see the IP, but I guess it’s a tech requirement. I will do nothing malicious with this IP address.
  • Comments are moderated and must be approved by the admin before being visible to other users. This will help prevent spam and harassment within the comment section.
  • I’m not responsible for the consequences of what other users write in my comment section. I’m only responsible for admin comments.

Email Collection Disclosures

On various pages on this website is an email sign-up form/email collection form/email opt-in form that We use to collect your email address and name. We use this information to contact you through email for communication and marketing purposes and we use your name to personalise those emails.

By opting into those forms, you’re consenting to be emailed and marketed to by us through the email address you provide.

The address we use to deliver emails to you is as follows: caringforfeathers@gmail.com

Any addresses claiming to be our company should be ignored unless it comes from the above email address.

We don’t use any other email address to email you after signing up.

If you don’t wish to be emailed after signing up, an “unsubscribe” option is available below all emails sent from this company. Hitting the unsubscribe button means you have opted out from receiving any further emails from us until you opt in again on another form on the website.

When opting in, your email address is saved to our email managing platform, Aweber.

We save this information on Aweber so we can easily email and communicate with those who have signed up on our Opt-in forms.

Unsubscribing also removed your details from Aweber.

Automated emails are used by this company to deliver vital information to your inbox without writing it on the spot. For example, if you opt into a sign-up form to receive a free gift, it’s the automated emails that deliver that gift automatically to ensure the best user experience.

Google Adsense Disclosures

Google AdSense is utilised by caringforfeathers.com to generate income from users who visit the website and view the advertisements. In order to deliver the most targeted user experience, google collects & tracks the following for AdSense:

  • User IP address
  • Browsing histories
  • Website preferences
  • Device location
  • Device preferences

Google uses this information to target individual users and display the appropriate advertisements to that individual. Almost all pages, posts, and homepages will contain google ads, and the listed data are collected on those pages for appropriate use.

Please assume all pages on caringforfeathers.com collects data needed for targeted google AdSense use.